My name! My name is Alberto Del Rio!
...But you already knew that.

I'm a Chihuahua. I'm a tan Chihuahua guy in a fantasy world.
4 Years. Male. Mexican. Chihuahua. Legal & Licensed.
I like to make awkward faces at my mom.
I enjoy pooping on the floor and ignoring my brother.
I watch Corazone Indomable.
I think cars suck, as well as the fact that my mom attempts to speak Spanish at me with phrases she learned from Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
Sometimes I dress in drag. I like to sing in the car.

All photos are under filed and licensed copyright 2012-2014. Please ask for release forms before using on any website.
Life with scooby snacks, it's fantastic.
Damas y Caballeros! Es mi orgullo de presentara definicion de la exelencia!! Y el orgullo de mejico! el es Alberto Del Rio!!

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